While pursuing a graduate degree at Tulane University, I developed a thesis that evolved from a research project into a building design, a course of experimentation, a personal methodological exploration and a replicable studio curriculum.

Entitled Extra-Dimensional Architecture: Imagining More Than Space, this project sought to explore the extra-dimensional, defined as outside or inclusive of more than normal spatial dimension, for the purpose of generating a method of design that is particularly sensitive to experience and perception. The creation of architecture with the specific awareness of self, presence, and body that this project invokes is more likely to foster an emotional connection and response from the inhabitants.

The studio project manifested as a renovation and addition to the historic, but abandoned, Joy Theater on Canal Street in New Orleans.

Eric Sullivan

Tulane University Master’s Thesis

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Thesis studio final presentation board

Stop-motion investigation of cinema history in New Orleans

Joy Theater project exterior rendering

Path Program preliminary model

Watercolor elevation detail

Conceptual model

Composite video rendering of skybridge entrance

Watercolor elevation detail

Video storyboards

Joy Theater project exterior rendering

Interior rendered view from skybridge into lobby

Wall detail model

Scale model

Sectional perspective rendering

Exterior corner rendering

Holophoto of grinder section line animation

Stop-motion animation representing streetcar arrival

Composite video rendering of pedestrian approach