Ideated by Zachary Moser in spring of 2007, the Kool-Aid tower project has been the largest art project that I’ve collaborated on.  Zach asked me to join early in the schematic design stage and heavily relied on my skills throughout the project.  With one other collaborator (Ryan Perry) and intermittent helpers, Zach and I worked at a breakneck pace to bring the project to fruition.

Although I was involved in every aspect, parts of the project that I was in charge of included measured drawings and engineering specifications, foundation, steel plate fabrication, hardware, and manlift operation.

In addition, I created an eight minute documentary of the process:

Oh Yeah! (YouTube video)

Eric Sullivan

Oh Yeah!

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Structural drawing

Completed Kool-Aid tower

Measuring for tension cables

Erecting the structure

Fountain supplied by a hidden drum

Fabricating structural plates

Pouring foundation blocks

Carving the pitcher with custom built hot wire

Mom, drinking Kool-Aid