I began experimenting with video in 2003 and shortly afterword created the Obscure Nouns Productions company in order to produce a variety of shorts, including live-action, documentary, stop-motion animation and commercial advertisement.

Notable videos include:

Henry V commercial, 2006 (commissioned by the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theater)

Oh Yeah! documentary, 2007 (documentary of the Zach Moser installation)

Avatar, 2007 (experimental stop-motion music video)

Limina, 2006 (live-action suspense, featured in the JUMP film festival)

Eric Sullivan

Obscure Nouns Productions

All content copyright Eric Sullivan or used with explicit permission.

Still from Henry V commercial, 2006 (click for video)http://youtu.be/BfUvhnsOd2U
Promotional poster for Limina, 2006 (click for video)http://youtu.be/aHTGUIjtKd8
Still from Avatar, 2007 (click for video)http://youtu.be/LXGQeI4aezA

Still from Identity Loop, 2004 (click for video)

Still from effects test for Faith of Our Fathers, unfinished

Still from Untitled Eric & Casey Animation, 2008 (click for video)

Still from Bottle, 2003 (click for video)

Frameless Movie Machine, 2011 (click for video)