An offshoot of my thesis research, the Experience Experiments have become a course of artwork that seeks to invoke in the viewer curiosity about the nature of perception.  Thus far, the experiments include:

Mr. Wednesday & Poe, 2010, a life sized marionette, harness operated, with arm, head, eye and mouth control, and secondary controllable bird puppet.

Frameless Movie Machine, 2011, a pedal-powered shadowbox device projecting light through rotating barrels creating an illusion of cycling through a snowy forest (click for YouTube video).

Decay Scale, 2011, inspired by the artwork of Daniel del Nero, a photographic series of an artificially aged architectural model.

Stand Behind Yourself, unfinished,

coming soon!

Eric Sullivan

Experience Experiments

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Photograph of Frameless Movie Machine, 2011

Photograph from Decay Scale series, 2011

Photograph of Mr. Wednesday & Poe, 2010

Operating Mr. Wednesday & Poe

Photograph of Decay Scale

Photograph of Frameless Movie Machine

Detail photograph of Frameless Movie Machine