In summer of 2007 Elroy Sullivan asked me to come to Tennessee to collaborate in the construction of a large country home for his family.  Due to the constraints of time we worked from stock plans.  However, throughout the building process we modified spaces and details to suit the personal needs and aesthetic desires of the family.

At the beginning of the project Elroy and I agreed to do the vast majority of the work ourselves, hiring assistants when needed but keeping subcontracting to a minimum. We shouldered major aspects of the project’s construction including much of the framing and the entirety of the septic system, foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and finish work, flooring, painting and staining, and appliance and fixture installation.

Eric Sullivan

Cunningham House and Barn

Front porch with vault designed during construction

Front facade designed during construction

Complex barrel vault in foyer designed during construction

Ironwork designed and fabricated by blacksmith and close friend Ric Howse

Aerial photo of job site and barn

Sam (dog) and I dig septic field

Dining room

Master bathroom redesigned from stock plan

Master bedroom with raised ceiling

Kitchen redesigned to suit clients

Front door detail

Laying the first foundation perimeter block

Barn under construction

Roofing (nearly) completed barn